After having dinner, I took my Bible and placing on the table to Matthew 5:3; Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. With a satisfied stomach, and a whole Saturday to winding up the week and various activities, I was amazed at how I would read and repeat the words of the above Biblical verse as a weekly Memory Verse. With repetition and continuous focus on it lead to the inner persona conversation or interaction

I was glad to have come across this verse and meditating on it was like having a conversation within me I got to understand the message. In human kinds thinking, being poor is being unable to afford or having not to satisfy the human basic needs. These are food, shelter and clothing and thereby having tattered clothes, sleeping on the cold floors of a dusty street and going into the garbage to look for something to curb hunger. I am not refuting this thought, but it is not agreeing to that that Jesus referred to. In reality, the poor are more inclined to religion as compared to the wealthy people. The poor do not focus so much their material possessions like the security of their wealth but focus on their relations with other people and God. In the Lord comes all we need.


2 thoughts on “RICH OR POOR!”

  1. with poverty comes hunger and thirst…poor in spirit brings a thirst and hunger for God.This brings forth a heart of enquiry into the things of God thereby drawing closer to God and always wanting to please God.This comes with a reward or the blessing of the Kingdom of Heaven since thats their longing and thirst!Thanks for the post!


    1. Hey Steve,
      Thank you for stopping by. Yes it is true that with the spiritual poverty, we hunger for God. We seek Him in all ways to quench this hunger and thirst and also please God which then we are are rewarded by the Kingdom of God.


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