Salvation, Waiting on the Lord

Helen’s story of salvation

Hello Friends, this special post comes from a young lady named Helen. I have had the opportunity to chat with and pray for Helen on her special journey that I ask her to share with you. The main focus is on her three and half year’s old daughter; Angel and her journey to salvation.

She began feeling lonely and became antisocial to her friends. She did not want to play with the other kids of her age. You would find her at a corner close to a bush with her head bowed down, looking down on her fingers as he was fidgeting. Before this sudden change in behavior, she was a jovial, playful and angelic little girl that everyone was comfortable   around her.

When her mother – Helen- noticed this change, she decided to ask her friends and Angel too. Her efforts became non-fruitful even when her lured her with her favorite foods like cakes and candy. Finally, Angel opened up to her  mother after a few days she described it as being uncomfortable and having abdominal pains most of them times. This was also accompanied by decreasing appetite especially on food. On this news, Helen gave some pain killers to reduce the pains, however the drugs did not work out for Angel – the pains did not stop. She was then taken to hospital for proper check out and treatment. This was later on several trips to the hospital dozens of drugs for Angel to take and ended up being hospitalized for one month and diagnosed with kidney malfunction.

At the hospital Helen had reached the lowest point of her life. She sheds tears every time that she looked at her daughter. “Lord God, why have you let my daughter die? She is the only girl that I have. Please take me instead and leave her to live. Where are you Lord?” she was devastated and desperate for a miracle on her child’s health. She had given up on God. Most of her friends neither visited angel nor called to know how she was doing. Helen became helpless.

After being in hospital for 28 days, Angel’s health began improving at a very high rate so fast that the doctors could not comprehend. They did not share it with Angels’ mother since they feared that something fatal may happen to Angel or may build very high hopes on both mother and child. They doctors could not believe it because since she was admitted to hospital, her body system was not responding to the medication as expected.

On a Saturday evening, I send Helen a message; “Psalms 62:1” on her cell phone but there was no immediate reply. The next day she called me and told me that they were leaving the hospital that Angel had been discharged from hospital so that she would continue with her medication at home. She was well. Her eating appetite improved and she was eating as before and was back to being the sweet Angel I have always known.

Truly my soul silently waits for God; From Him comes my salvation,” Psalms62:1. Even though Helen had given up God was still to deliver Angel from the illness that deprived her and her family of happiness. Waiting on the Lord, salvation comes at its right time.

No matter you troubles be reminded that GOD is always with you and His plans are the best.


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