New Life, Salvation, Season


jesus is risen
The Easter season is once again here with us. It is a time to celebrate the victory of the risen Christ. We may feast with family and friends and make merry but the backbone of this is that Jesus is the reason for this season. The point of reckoning is; what is this reason?

The resurrection of Jesus is a critical element to the life of a Christian. The resurrection of Jesus brings a new life to us in that our sins are forgiven and that Christians are reborn. This new life is being guided by the Holy Spirit thus living a ‘Christ Like life’.
new life

The resurrection of Jesus is the ticket to go heaven. Going there needs us to have faith that will make us reach heaven. The resurrection should give us courage like Peter to witness and also testify about the risen Christ. As Jesus overcame death, there is nothing that is impossible to Him. As Christians, we know that Jesus conquered the things of the earth, this teaches us to be concerned with heavenly matters. These matters are that are essential to Christians. For example: when an individual in bed praying for sleep rather than praying for a good sleep which something of a high value. I am not against people who pray for just sleep, please do not misunderstand me. My point is that, with the Risen Christ teaches us to aim for things that are not of the earth / material things but those that are high; like peace love among people, building not destroying. Easter season is worth our celebrations and sharing this joy other people like family, friends and also the less fortunate in our society.

Happy Easter
Easter eggs


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