The Supreme Giver

At a gathering of friends chatting just about anything to everything. From the group one said, “Everything is a gift from the universe”. On hearing this, you would immediately think of a birthday gift such as candy, a new cell phone,  a pet, or a car. This list would be so long. After we broke from the gathering, I could not stop myself from thinking about the above statement. I kept thinking of the ultimate giver, God.
We are granted many gifts everyday of our lives. Look at every day that you get up and count all the gifts that God has given. Is not beyond amazing? It makes me feel so overwhelmed, He is great. For example; in the morning I wake up feeling well, thst is one gift. I get up to have a warm shower, that is another gift. These gifts keep coming my way. Life is short, enjoy every moment that you have got. 
Pay attention to the small things that come your way, they will add up to big things.
It is part of human nature to focus on the negatives in our lives but in reality, there are loads of good stuff just under nose. We just need tp identify them.
Try it out today, count all the good things that happen to you. You will realize that the good things are more than the bad ones that we focus most time on.  


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