Deliverance, Divine Protection, Love, Temptation

WORD OF THE DAY: Deliverance from the claws of the Fowler

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the Fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. (Psalms 91:3, NIV )

As I read this Scripture, it reminds me of God’s enduring love for His people. I also recall my December vacation at my family’s farm. It was fun and a great experience too.
While at the farm, I saw chicks walking either close to their mother (hen) or under her wings. At the point when the chicks walked under their mother, they were being shielded from danger of the prey (crow or eagle) that would be in the vicinity. In this case, the hen would try to be fast to ensure that all the chicks were covered. Other animals also protect their young ones from entering into the claws of their prey or any other danger.
To human beings, this is not rocket science, I mean this case applies to human beings too. God our Father does more than protecting s from evil. In addition to protecting us, God also delivers us from devils’ claws.
He gives us Divine Protection from the evil one and rescues us when are captured into the devil’s net.
God’s word shows us that His love is enduring even when we fall into temptation. He will still liberate us from the evil one. He will not allow us to enter into the troubles, diseases and anxiety.
God also gives his people strength so that they may evade the temptations of the flesh and live by faith in Him. With the great spiritual strength we can not go against God’s word. The strength also enables us to stand strong in the faith in Christ.
With all of God’s love for us, you may be wondering, ‘’Why does God allow these calamities to come our way?’’ When we fall into temptation, it is through the troubles that we fall into God’s deliverance comes our way. It is also the means through which God protects us from far greater evil that these troubles. God assures us that He shall deliver us from the evil that we allowed ourselves into.
Thought: Listen to God’s promise, ‘‘Surely he shall deliver you out of the snare of the Fowler’’

Be Blessed

Carolyne 🙂 


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