patience, Waiting on the Lord

Word of the day; Wait on God

Today I got up a bit late to go to work. In the hasty moments preparing for work, words were lingering in mind, ‘You shall not need to fight this battle’. These words were on my mind the whole day. Previously I had being through hard times and at times I felt worn out and being at the same point of the situation.

Why do we try to fix things on our own? Why do we think we can do stuff by ourselves? Have you been working something by yourself to no avail? By our human thinking we find it difficult to have faith in things that we cannot see. Being told that God will work it out and it is not visible to our naked eyes, it becomes difficult to comprehend how it happens and believe in Him too. However things do not turn out as we expected them to and we feel pressurized and this is should not be the case. There is need for us to refer to the Bible on what God says about our different and difficult situations. God needs one thing from us WAIT PATIENTLY. His timing is always right. In due time, He shall provide solutions to our difficulties and they shall be history.

While we are on the Waiting for God, it is very important that we be Praying in Faith and Trust in God that He will take us through the tsunami safe and sound. Trust in Him while waiting because not at any point has He lied to His people and He will not start with you. In whatever situation you are He will surely help you out of it; be it financial crisis, emotional down-lows, or someone is troubling or tormenting or threatening you, He will work it out.

Thought of the Day: Wait on God, pray in faith, trust in God and watch him resolve issues for you.


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