He has been there

Have you got to a place where you are left with only two choices to make and you have no idea of which one to take even after countless consultations and the options seem blurry? You feel scared of the aftermath of your decision. We have been at this point in sometime of our lives and have got into the panic mode. This followed by us asking ourselves somewhat rhetorical questions like, why me? Am not able to do this or am not ready.

never leave you

There is no need for us to fall into the panic zone or demean ourselves when we are in situations that we think we can not handle. This is because the word of God tells us that God will not forsake us. The Lord we serve is already aware of the situation before we get to it. We know that God has and will never allow you to be in a scenario that he has not been there himself. This is because he promises us that he will never forsake us. Having this assurance, we need not be afraid when He calls us.

We have the assurance that our Lord Jesus will always go ahead of us before sending you and I.

Be blessed.


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