DEVOTION: Reprogram Your Mind

The human mind can process a hundred thoughts within a short span of time, meaning we think so much. Our thoughts are both positive and negative. Why do we have to fill pur minds with things and thoughts that are not good or rather negatives?

When we fill our minds with positive thoughts such as hope, love and victory: those thoughts are what will be reality. God is the creator of all things and when He was done with creation, He saw it was good. All things on earth and in heaven are created by God and all of them are good. Therefore, we are good and filled with God’s goodness.
God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. (Genesis 1:31a, NIV)
When God created all things, He put software that runs in us. We have been programmed to accomplish our dreams as well as step into the fullness of our dreams. When we use this programme properly, we shall get to places that we can never imagine. The software has been programmed by God for us to make it through the turmoil of life successfully.
For us to reach our destined places, we start with reprogramming ourselves and switching to the original software that God has placed in us. God did not create us to live a faulty life but to live a great life full of God’s GOODNESS. If we think of the negative things; like you will not meet the right people, then you won’t. Reprogramme yourself from the negative things and get back to the original software (mind-set) that God installed in you. When we reprogramme ourselves, we are scanning and hitting the DELETE button to remove the viruses;negative things that we have.
Thought: This may be where I am but not what I am. I am who God says I am.


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