Assurance, Jesus, Love, Masterpiece

Black Friday Promise

The day of the greatest and crazy sales of the year is here, its Black Friday.

black friday 1

During this week, I have been bombarded by Black Friday sales. The promotions have been all over the internet and receiving spam mails from all over. These sales are indeed promising and normally would react unconsciously by wanting all items on promotion.

From the Black Friday Sales and promotions; electronics to keep me connected, clothes to make me more beautiful, restaurants offers to keep me full and satisfied. And the list of promises goes on.

These promises do not last long, they are temporary. Things of the world do not last long because they are not true. We do not need all these things to be satisfied and complete. We were fully satisfied. This was done over 2,000 years ago on a cross. This is the only thing that matters; we do not need these earthly things to determine our worth. God made us greater and more perfect, we are His masterpieces.

Be Blessed.


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