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The Long Break

It has been a while since I wrote a post on this blog.I have been receiving some emails regarding this and expressed their disappointments.

While I was away or rather in the break, there are many things that I learnt and got to experience. The most outstanding experience I encountered was Guard and Protect your anointing. Amongst the people we associate with, there are those who are anointing lifters and anointing destroyers. In deeper sense, anointing lifters are those people that are always there to encourage you while in your pursuit for the Lord; they are part of God’s army. These people will pour into you, share with you the Word, and pray with you and for you. On the other side are the anointing destroyers who are the opposite. They are part of Satan’s army. Their work is to aid Satan’s plan of stealing, killing and destroying.
Living in the midst of these two groups of people, we need to PROTECT what God has grated us; this is our responsibility. We also need to watch who we attract. In Genesis 39, Joseph was anointed by the Lord and this attract many people even Potipher’s wife. She was attracted to Joseph in a different way; as an anointing destroyer. Joseph was blinded by the schemes of the evil one that reign on Potipher’s wife and he allowed her to pour into him till there were no boundaries between them. The nature of the borderless relationship led to Joseph removing his garment.
Joseph was sold to Potipher and became a captain of the palace guard. He had the anointing and favour of the Lord. This led him to be successful in everything that he did. All things were in the glory of the Lord. Then the devil became more interested in Joseph through Joseph master’s wife.

“And it came to pass that after these things, that his master’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph and she said, Lie with me.” (Genesis. 39:7, NKJV).
When Joseph refused and fled when Potipher’s wife insisted, he was accused of an atrocity that he did not commit. He was shut from his outward blessing of the captain of the palace guard. This is an incident of how the evil one may try to break us from the communion with our Father. Joseph’s reaction is what we need to emulate; his escape from hunter was a great instance of the Divine Power and not an act of Cowardice. Instead Joseph was safeguarding his anointing and he knew that this sin was against God, his dominion, his love and his design.
Lesson Learnt: As saints we are the light of the world and light we are meant to shine away the darkness and not be consumed by the darkness. While people come to us and want us to share with them the Word, let us be cautious not to drop our spiritual garments. We need to have the full armor of the Lord and be alert always because the evil is scheming on ways to devour us. Be on the lookout, discern and filter out what is not for the kingdom of the lord. Do not allow your anointing to be weakened or shaken. When our anointing is compromised let us flee away from the lurer or the hunter.
It is my prayer that this word has spoken to someone’s spirit and changes someone’s life. Protect what God has given you.
Be blessed.


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