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When I was a young girl I grew up along with boys; we played together every day in and out of school. From hide and seek to playing with dolls and cars, hunting and my favourite climbing trees. Yes I did. I recall how much of a hustle it was climbing trees but at the… Continue reading MESSAGE OF WARNING!

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Easter Message

It is that time of the year when we have festivities. not too long ago it was Christmas and now we are celebrating Easter, how time flies so fast, soon it will be Christmas.  it is ideal that families are preparing to travel and make merry on this season, priests and pastors preparing for sermons… Continue reading Easter Message

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Black Friday Promise

The day of the greatest and crazy sales of the year is here, its Black Friday. During this week, I have been bombarded by Black Friday sales. The promotions have been all over the internet and receiving spam mails from all over. These sales are indeed promising and normally would react unconsciously by wanting all… Continue reading Black Friday Promise

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WORD OF THE DAY- Look Like Jesus.

Questions run in our mind at the mention of ‘Look like Christ’. As Christians, it is our duty follow the ways of Christ and to live as He lived.  Looking like Christ does not refer to the physical appearance, but to follow Jesus in all aspects of our lives.  We follow Christ so as to… Continue reading WORD OF THE DAY- Look Like Jesus.