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Symphony of Grace

Welcome to Symphony of Grace is a faith and lifestyle blog fueled by lots of tea and lots of Jesus. This blog came about my desire to share Christ and the gospel, help others build faith in God and watch your walk with God grow. I aim at inspiring you through everyday life to seek and serve God. Being a millennial especially a woman, life can be challenging and overwhelming. Despite these time, God lives within us and there’s hope, there’s peace, there’s unexplainable joy that surpasses all understanding.

Through this blog, I aspire to help millennials understand their worth in Jesus Christ. You shall also get information on pursuing your purpose-filled life, life, relationships, self-care, finding hope in Christ despite the circumstance and printable materials and more.

This blog is my place to share my thoughts on life and faith. It’s my place to share the struggles I face in my walk with God, the things I get convicted of in my faith and the encouragement that He gives in our lives.

My hope and prayer are that through reading my posts you will become more passionate for the call you have on your life, grow closer to Jesus and together we can set this world on fire for Him! And that Jesus Be The Center of Our Life.

I am glad that you stopped there and please feel free to comment and share my posts.
Thank you once again for stopping by.

For more information about me, check out my about me page.