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When I was a young girl I grew up along with boys; we played together every day in and out of school. From hide and seek to playing with dolls and cars, hunting and my favourite climbing trees. Yes I did. I recall how much of a hustle it was climbing trees but at the… Continue reading MESSAGE OF WARNING!

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Come and Rest

The Holiday has begun, and so do the gifts, travelling, shopping, parties, and loads of celebrations. Behind all these re intensive preparations and perfection which can be very frustrating. Jesus invites all of us to come and rest in the midst of whatever burdens us; Holiday preparations and parties. Jesus clearly states this; 28 Come to… Continue reading Come and Rest

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Why should I get myself all worked up, upset, discouraged and dismayed especially on things that I have minimal jurisdiction? Being angry at situations or events that I have no control over does not change anything but destroys me. It is time that this ended and I turn to improve rather than destroying myself and… Continue reading THE TIME IS NOW